Relax and enjoy your personal time
Bring your heart back to your childhood

Norikura B&B Tengallonhat
When You're tired of busy days, when you want to get yourself back,
when you want to take a new step. Please visit us.
You will be able to return to being honest.

There is a mountain stream right behind the Tengallon Hat.
A lot of negative ions are generated with a breeze sound. 
The mind and body will be healed.
We would like to welcome everyone by preparing a relaxing space where you can feel at home.

About Tengallonhat

B&B Style

The simple Bed&Breakfast style accommodation. Price is affordable, fits with any type of your stay

Yum Yum Tree

We have a Baum Kuchen factory and shop under the same roof. In the daytime, the dining area is used as a cafe.

Pub Style

Spend your time in the dining space at night. A variety of drinks are available. You can bring food and drinks as well.

New infomation




Activity Few ideas of what to do and how to enjoy in Norikura and Tengallon Hat e-Bikes and BBQ. Guide tour etc... We will keep update.




2020 Event Information

2020 Event Information

The events information held in Norikura Kogen.

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